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Air Filter Changes in Thomasville, GA

It's easy to forget the little stuff when it comes to vehicle maintenance. There are many areas of your car's performance and maintenance that are pretty obvious. You have to change your vehicle's oil. You've got to make sure that your tires are properly rotated and filled. However there's a very important element of your Honda car, truck, or SUV's performance that often goes overlooked: air filters.

Flowers Honda knows you want to keep your vehicle in tip top shape, but we also know we're all human and are here to remind you that it's vital to regularly check and change the oil filter on your beloved Honda. And Flowers Honda is here to help. When you're ready to have one of our Honda-certified mechanics change your oil filter just stop by our Thomasville service department or use our handy online scheduling form and select air filters and we'll have your vehicle in tip-top shape ASAP.

Why do you need a clean air filter?

Since you don't see your air filter very frequently it's easy to forget it's there and working hard for you every time you turn the key on your Honda vehicle, but rest assured, it's doing its job - provided you've kept up with changing the air filter out when needed. Your Honda vehicle, or any other car, is constantly intaking air in order to keep itself running. This air circulation allows gas to burn correctly but it can also result in pesky problems like buildup.

The dirt and dust of country roads, all that mud if you take your vehicle off-roading, or just the normal debris and dirt that builds up on suburban and city streets can find its way into your vehicle and enter the powertrain of your vehicle - that's where your air filter comes in. Without a filter, those tiny irritants could find their way into your vehicle's powertrain and combustion chambers.

And with a dirty air filter, those pollutants can build up on the filter and cut off the airflow, causing your vehicle to run less efficiently, harming fuel economy, reducing horsepower, and even damaging your vehicle. Regularly replacing your air filter is a great step you can take to increasing the power and longevity of your Honda vehicle.

Schedule Your Honda Air Filter Change in Thomasville Online

Your time is precious and your vehicle needs service. What you don't need is another headache. That's why Flowers Honda makes it so easy for Thomasville drivers to schedule their Honda service appointment - including air filter changes - online from the comfort of their homes day or night. Just use our simple online scheduling form, select your service needs, pick a time, and you'll be ready to come see us for your air filter change - when it works for you and your busy schedule.